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Cassette Culture 1989 - 2009

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Cassette Culture 1989 - 2009

You Have The Power (3:07) You Have The Power You Have The Power
Higest Mountains (3:34) Highest Mountains Highest Mountains
Avocets (3:46) Avocets Avocets
Is It A Dream? (3:14) Is This A Dream? Is This A Dream?
Extract (Live Regensburg Germany) (11:01) Extract (Live Regensburg Germany) Extract (Live Regensburg Germany)
Extraction Part 1 (7:30) Extraction Part 1 [Explicit] Extraction Part 1 [Explicit]
Extraction Part 2 (9:21) Extraction Part 2 [Explicit] Extraction Part 2 [Explicit]
Extraction Part 3 (7:53) Extraction Part 3 [Explicit] Extraction Part 3 [Explicit]
Extraction Part 4 (9:44) Extraction Part 4 [Explicit] Extraction Part 4 [Explicit]
Hungry Children (2:04) Hungry Children Hungry Children
Where Is My Jesus (Jig-saw Man)? (4:37) Where Is My Jesus (Jig-saw Man)? Where Is My Jesus (Jig-saw Man)?
Where Is My Jesus - off Net.Ware Stimulation Where Is My Jesus

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Live Bootleg(?) by Finish The Story Disc: £4.00

This disc is a record of the live gigs that Finish The Story did between 1981 and 1983. These tracks are the only known live recordings ever made. The quality is not brilliant but the performances are. Preview a video of a track here

1. Alone With A Picture In A Matchstick Frame
2. Chant Of The Boxed In Society
3. Dressed Up In White
4. Every Angry Word
5. The Righteous Talk Of Remembers
6. Empty Vessels (Make Most Sound)
7. The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp
8. Me Accusing Me
9. Contenders To Play
10. Playing At Life

Nicola Mumford: Vocals
Garry Smout: Keyboards
Peter Bright: Guitar and Bass

Tracks 1 and 2 recorded live 1981 (unknown venue)
Tracks 3 -10 recorded live 21.02.1983 (Exeter College Of Art)

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---2 Discs: £4.00

Numbered limited editions of 'Sampler #05' (100) and Jig-Saw Man (100) by 'This Window'. Only a few left.

The limited release of 100 CD’s of The Sampler #05 was originally released as an exhibition promo giveaway in September 2007. The discs are numbered and have the exhibition stamp on the covers.

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Morgue Studio Demos (CDr)

Disc: £12.00

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The first four tracks on this CD were recorded between March and May 2008 at Morgue Studio and the fifth is a section from This Window's 30 minute live set which was streamed (via the Internet) to the Plac.Art.X event in Leerer Beutel/ Regensburg Germany on the 18th August 2007. These five tracks are a sneak preview of two forth coming albums by This Window. This CD is a limited release of 100.


Track Listing

1. Where Is My Jesus? (3.30)
2. Is It A Dream? (3.12)
3. You Have The Power (3.02)
4. Avocets (3.45)
5. (live)Salle de Bain (2.21)

'This Window' are on this recording:

Jake Bright - Guitar, Bass
Marni De Much - Percussion
Peter Bright - Guitar, Bass, Vocal
Additional vocals on track 2 - Caroline B.
Track 1

Marni de Much, the elusive drummer from This Window, has allowed us to produce a postcard. This is a rare opportunity to get your hands on her image.

Six postcards of Marni for £1.50

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Sampler #05 (CD)
Disc: £4.00

CD by This Window & Finish The Story

Review and Interview on BBC Radio

11 tracks (5 by Finish The story) - Details

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Jig-Saw Man (CDr)
Disc: £4.00

This CD contains new tracks from 'This Window'
(2007) and re-workings of old songs and spans
the time period between 1981 and 2007.

14 tracks - Details

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The Obscure Jude (CDr)
Disc: £4.00

The first 15 tracks of this CD are from the
'This Window' 1989 cassette release
Jude The Obscure.

18 tracks - Details

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